50 Killer Ideas for Your Social Media Posts to Keep Your Followers Active [infographics]

50 Killer Ideas For Your Social Media Content

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Millions of contents are posted on social media every day. As a blogger or marketer, it is more complicated than ever to ensure that your words come to the attention of your target group

How do you ensure that you stay on the radar? How do you increase the involvement of your followers with your brand?

Creating content for social media is not always easy.

In the beginning, you have plenty of ideas, and there is a lot of motivation to get started. But over time, it becomes more challenging to come up with new ideas and repeat your messages.

Repeating your message is good, but sufficient variation of content is essential to ensure that your target group does not get bored.

Social Media Content Ideas

Angie Gensler developed the infographic below with 50 ideas for social media post ideas. She further elaborates the plans on her website. 

These ideas can be applied immediately and are suitable for different sectors. Think of 

  • Answering frequently asked questions
  • Offering a solution to a problem that occurs with followers
  • Updates in the market
  • Sharing your blog or providing a free printable (digital product)

Perhaps you have additions for this list? Share it with other readers in response to this article!

social media post ideas

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