How Often Should You Blog to Get the Best Results?

how often should you blog

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how often should you blog? is one of the most asked questions in this industry. Some ‘experts’ say that daily blogging is the best, and that generates the most website visitors. But is that so?

You may already be blogging every day at this time. Then there is a good chance that you will have trouble keeping up with this. And it probably doesn’t cause that large flow of visitors that you had expected in advance.

So the question is:

How Often Should You Blog?

It is a question that concerns many people. Because everyone wants to see their blog grow and what you need is more visitors!

Are you convinced that this can only achieve by overloading your target audience with content? Then I’ll already tell you something. This is not necessary! To grow with your blog, it is not required to write a blog article every day.

In this article, I share my thoughts about this topic. You discover what to keep in mind and why publishing articles regularly are not necessarily the way to grow online.

Curious how often you can blog best? Read on soon!

Not every blog is the same. The goal you want to achieve and the type of articles play a role in consideration of how often you should blog. You can distinguish the following:

  1.   Search engine optimization (SEO)
  2.   Followers of your blog
  3.   News and updates
  4.   Competitors

1) Search engine optimization (SEO)

If you are looking for SEO, then provide comprehensive content that is better than your competitors.

More articles do not automatically mean more visitors via a search engine like Google. However, the chance of being found increases. It is essential to write on relevant keywords.

If the competition on a specific keyword is fierce, a short and simple article is not sufficient. You will not be found with this! Research from Backlinko has also shown that there is a secure connection between the position in Google and the length of an article.

You see in the graph that long articles (1900+ words) score better in the search results than shorter blog posts (less than1750 words).

2) Followers of your blog

Updates are required to bring back the visitors to your blog regularly. You have to give readers new exciting information. Never write an article just like that.

In any case, make sure you write something valuable or give a tip to help the reader. Try to write as many articles as possible without reducing the quality of content.

To build up a fixed core of followers, I recommend posting at least 1 post per week.

3) News updates

If you blog about fashion trends, there are always new updates. You will have to post regularly to stay up-to-date.

There are also topics where there are fewer changes, for example, if you have a blog where you share DIY advice and tips. A daily update is not necessary in that case. How often you write therefore also depends on the topic you blog about.

4) Competition

The question is, do you want to become the largest in your niche? If you answer yes, you must be able to measure yourself against the popular online blogs on this subject.

Investigate how often these competitors blog. Is that three times a week, maybe you should also put something online at least three times a week. The frequency of other major blogs is a good indication of what readers like.

Research blog frequency

Many articles have been written on the subject of this article. One of these is a study conducted by Hubspot, which uses information from more than 13,500 companies.

The results of this research show that there is a clear link between the number of times you blog, blog traffic, and online sales. I do not want to overwhelm you with all the information from this study, but this is the most important outcome.

Companies that publish 16 or more blog posts per month have 3.5 times more website visitors than companies that post an article online less than 4x a month.

Why many blogs ‘usually’ don’t work

If you start from the results of the research mentioned above, you should, therefore, blog 16x or even more often. That’s sound frequency, right !?


This is why I don’t agree with this.

Most bloggers write all blog posts themselves. They do not have a large number of employees from the companies included in the survey. That is why it is almost impossible to produce this number of articles every month, especially if you are not yet a full-time blogger!

My opinion is that less blogging cannot harm. Focus on quality, not quantity! The most important thing is that you post useful quality articles on your blog.

People prefer to read a carefully written article once a month, rather than a faded post six times a month without any content.

Are you going to blog business, then it may be a different story. You might work in a company where several people get started with the blog. In this way, writing 16 or more articles is very feasible.

How often do you blog?

It has become clear that I am not in favor of daily blogging. In most cases, it is simply impossible to write good content every day, especially if you are not yet a full-time blogger. And good content is needed to grow a blog.

You also need to promote content to get attention. When you blog daily, do you think there is still time left to share articles via, for example, Facebook, Instagram, or a mailing list?

Here my advice:

Do what feels right

Always be comfortable with the number of texts you write per month. Too many articles make blogging an annoying obligation. And this is definitely not what you want!

How much you have to blog differs’ for each person. One feels comfortable writing four articles a week while this is an impossible task for another. Try to discover which frequency feels good.

Blogging should not be an unpleasant activity. On some days, you have little inspiration, and you hardly get a word on paper. While on other days this seems to happen almost naturally.

Set realistic goals. If you notice that three articles per week are not feasible, then there is no alternative but to admit this. Only in this way will you remain motivated and driven to make your blog a success.

Make a content plan

Make a content plan for yourself. Here you collect ideas for the new blog post and then put them in a timetable. Planning articles gives peace of mind because you don’t have to brainstorm every time for new blog topics.

Moreover, a lot of good content is not created by luck. A lot of thought has been given to this, and a lot of research has preceded it. Take a look at the articles that do well with competitors, or what is widely shared online. These are the topics that you also have to write about!

Adds it something

Before you publish an article, ask yourself the following question: does this article add anything? Do readers need and get the information you want to share?

What if that is not the case?

Then there are two options. The first is to adjust the article and add interesting information and then publish it.

The second option is to delete the item. Don’t scare your reader away with information that is of no use to them.

Publish and promote

Okay, the article has been written, checked, and is online. You are delighted with the end result. What now?

Can you continue with the next article? No way!

Share your article in as many relevant places as possible for your target group. Sharing content is a step that you have to spend a lot of time on more than just writing your article.

You can write another great article; if nobody knows it exists, chances are it will be read a lot. So promote, promote, and promote. Inform existing and potential new readers of your new article.


It’s not easy to say how often you should blog. This differs per person. It also depends on other factors, such as your niche, competition, and the way you want to reach your target audience.

You must feel comfortable with the number of articles that you write. Too much blogging almost always hurts your blog. Because in that case, the content offers too little information for the reader.

Remember that creating and promoting good content takes a lot of time.

I would like to hear what you think about this subject. Because how often do you think you should blog? Let me know in a short response.

If you have not yet started a blog, check the step-by-step guide for setting up a blog here!

Have you come to a conclusion about how often should you blog? Comment the no.of blog post you publish per week in the comments section below.

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