FREE Done For You Premium Blog Setup

Hey guys, it’s Sridhar here and welcomes to the ‘FREE Done For You Blog Service’.

When I first started up the no.1 thing I struggled was to setup the blog. 

I didn’t know anything about Hosting, Domain, Nameservers, themes, plugins, etc. and many more technical stuff.

So when I launched Hustle Riser I decided to provide DFY blog setup as my no.1 selling service for a small fee.

Then I thought it would be unfair if I charged money from those who didn’t have any success before or haven’t started their blog.

So I decided to provide this service completely, 100% FREE.

This is the place where you can take advantage of me and my team and have them set up your own ready to launch a premium blog. 100% for free.

We’re talking about a service that other companies charge thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for. But again, you’re getting this service, 100% for free.

So make sure to take advantage of this DFY blog service while it’s still free because, in the near future, we will definitely put a price on this exact blog setup service you’re getting today.

This service comes with a theme and all the plugins you will ever need to build a successful blog.

We also provide a free SSL Certificate installation and lifetime updates on all the plugins and themes.

Thrive ArchitectTurn Your Ideas Into Pages with the Fastest, Truly Visual
​WordPress Page Builder
Thrive Clever WidgetsTake control over exactly where your widgets are displayed on your site
Thrive CommentsBuild an Army of Engaged Visitors with Thrive Comments WordPress Plugin
Thrive LeadsBuild Your Mailing List Faster than Ever Before​​​​
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Thrive UltimatumThe Ultimate Scarcity Marketing Tool for WordPress is Here!
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Start A/B Testing Your Pages Today
Thrive Ovation
Collect, manage and display conversion boosting testimonials.
Rank MathRank Math helps you get ranked higher by making your website SEO-friendly and your content worthy of featured Position
Worth The Read
Adds read length progress bar to single posts and pages, as well as an optional reading time commitment label to post titles.
UpdraftPlus - Backup/RestoreBackup and restore: take backups locally, or backup to Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace, (S)FTP, WebDAV & email, on automatic schedules.
Social PugAdd beautiful social sharing buttons to your posts, pages and custom post types.
Pretty LinksShrink, track and share any URL on the Internet from your WordPress website!
Really Simple SSLLightweight plugin without any setup to make your site SSL proof
W3 Total CacheW3 Total Cache (W3TC) improves the SEO and user experience of your site by increasing website performance and reducing load times by leveraging features like content delivery network (CDN) integration and the latest best practices.

So here’s the deal, if you would like to take this “Done For You Premium Blog Service” with all the plugins, themes and extra services listed in the table above…

Here’s what you need to do right now:

Step #1 – Invest in SiteGround Hosting and purchase a domain name

For my team to set up your own full-blown blog, the only tool you need to invest is hosting. 

The hosting company that I recommend is called SiteGround Hosting. 

SiteGround Hosting is one of the fastest and most reliable hosting services out there when it comes to building your own blog or website. 

Just choose the cheapest package (Startup Plan). Then, purchase a domain name and just follow the instructions to check out. (You do not need any other addons or upsells).

Once you’re ready, please click the button below to purchase SiteGround Hosting:

NOTE: You MUST purchase SiteGround Hosting using the button below or my team cannot set up your Blog for you. Please understand this service is 100% free because I use the income I get from these SiteGround Hosting affiliate commissions to pay my team ????

Click Here To Invest In SiteGround Hosting

Step 2: Submit your Blog Setup Form

Fill in the form below and don’t forget to double-check that all your details are correct as my team will need to log into your account to install and set up your very own DFY Blog. 

This setup process should take no longer than 48 – 72 hours and should be done within 24 hours. 

(Note: Your premium blog setup will be delayed a couple of days if your details are entered incorrectly)

Please understand we do not write blog posts for you. This is a Blog Setup Service, where we install wordpress, secure your site with SSL and install premium plugins for you to use. You will still need to customize your own blog and write your own blog posts

And that’s pretty much it. Simple, right?

All you need is your own hosting service and your own domain name for your blog, and my team will do everything else for you. 

And after my team has built you your own blog, they will then instruct you on what to do next in terms of customization and setting up the plugins.

Remember, what you’re getting from this premium blog service is a full-blown blog with an internationally recognized WordPress theme and all the MUST HAVE premium plugins and a popular page builder that involves zero coding. 

Also, my team will install a free SSL Certificate on your blog to make your site Secured.

So again, follow the 2-simple steps above and I look forward to seeing your brand new awesome blog.

Sridhar Namboodiri