Buy or Not Buy Traffic to Your Blog? – Their Advantages and disadvantages

Paid Traffic

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Buying traffic has always been a controversial subject. Despite this, many still wonder if this is a valid strategy or not.

Today, I want to invite you to reflect further on the topic so that you can have a firm and own opinion on the subject.

First of all, I want to make it clear that my purpose is not to influence you. Quite the contrary, we want to introduce to you the advantages and disadvantages of paid traffic.

So you, with your needs, type of strategy, market and business, can conclude should you buy or not buy traffic!

Let’s start?

What is Paid Traffic?

So that you can better assess the advantages and disadvantages, let’s start by making it clear what paid traffic is all about.

So there is no doubt about what can be considered buying traffic!

Contrary to what many people say, paid traffic is not just limited to that rogue strategy of buying likes, followers, or engaging actions, such as comments and shares.

On the contrary, paid traffic can be any strategy where one pays for visits or user actions.

For example, advertising on Google Adwords or Facebook Ads can be considered buying traffic.

In short, we can say that paid traffic is traffic that comes from any source you need to pay to enjoy.

So paid post on niche blogs, any sponsored link, platforms like Youtube Ads, Instagram Ads, Bing, and others are places where you can buy traffic!

What Are the Advantages of Buying Traffic?

Now that you know what paid traffic is let’s look at the main advantages of working with this type of strategy.

Immediate Return

If you are asking professionals about the benefit of paid traffic, almost all of them will tell you that the main thing is that it guarantees you immediate return.

By buying traffic, for example, through sponsored link ads, you can effectively reach out to those interested in what you have to offer if your strategy is targeted correctly.

In other words, when you advertise, with each related search, your brand may be present, giving you a much better chance of generating conversions.

After all, you are paying to be there, at that moment of the search of the user, showing his interest in something that your business has to offer.

You Generate Interest and Capture Potential Customer Attention

By “appearing” at the right time and for the right person, you automatically generate interest and capture the potential customer’s attention quickly.

Also, when you buy traffic, you don’t have to wait for your audience to recognize or come to you, you can present yourself with relevance when creating promotional campaigns, for example.

You’re in Control

You can decide who you want to hit, how you want to attract, what you want to show, is all your control of the target, which makes it easier to achieve better results.

Quick and Easy Testing: 

With the ease of generating and running multiple campaigns at the same time, and above all measuring them, it is much easier to apply tests and get results by effectively optimizing your strategies.

What are the Disadvantages of Buying Traffic?

The time has come to know the main disadvantages of buying traffic. Check out!

Higher Costs

As it could not be otherwise, one of the most significant disadvantages of paid traffic is that it inevitably generates more expenses for your business.

However, this disadvantage needs to be assessed, as the return on strategy may be worth the cost of implementing it.

Low Durability Results 

There is no way here! The results of the strategy of buying traffic are of low durability. It is because when you stop advertising, for example, the return ceases almost immediately.

Bad Return If Source is Not Well Targeted: 

Given the plethora of possibilities for buying traffic, you must check the audience profile of the platform. Whether or not there is a chance to attract real potential customers to your business.

Here, what we are trying to tell you is that there is no point in receiving a massive amount of traffic if it is not qualified.

If your source is not well-targeted, the return will inevitably be bad!

Dependence on External Platforms: 

Because you will have to use third-party platforms to get your traffic, there may be some dependence on you in this relationship.

Of course, this is not a pleasant situation and, above all, can create risks to your business. One of them is the sudden change of rules that can disadvantage your business.

In this relationship, you are a user like any other.

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After all, Buy or Not Buy Traffic?

That is an answer you will have to find yourself. Primarily by assessing your needs, your type of business, market, and what kinds of goals you are looking to achieve.

We could tell you whether or not to buy is the best decision, but that doesn’t exist. After all, this is not a recipe or a universal formula!

Using this strategy depends on many variables factors to your particular business!

In general, take all of these assumptions and then weigh the advantages and disadvantages of buying traffic.

If the advantages weigh more, then you already have the answer! Just as the opposite also holds.

Your demands, needs, and goals, as well as your audience and market, are the aspects that will give you the best clues.

Do Tests and Analysis

Maybe using paid and organic traffic together is not the best choice? I use both paid and organic traffic for my website to grow my blog much faster.

That’s it. We hope this content was relevant to you. We wish you success always, see you.

Please comment below your opinion and suggestions

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